Reed's botanical paintings are among his earliest - and latest works. Some were painted from antique herbal manuals, others from life. A larger collection of these will be online shortly.


Mangrove watercolor, 1971 (Norenberg)
Floral alphabet, 1989 (Norenberg)
Floral alphabet (Moynihan)
Floral numbers (Parker)
Florida floral alphabet (Gould)
Blue Aimuble, No. 13, 1989 (Kristina and Mack Reed)
Lilies, 1996 (Kristina and Mack Reed)
Basil, 1966 (the artist)
Lurnet, 1966 (the artist)
Hawkweed, 1966 (the artist)
Lavender, 1966 (the artist)
Oregano, 1966 (the artist)
Mint, 1966 (the artist)
Nightshade, 1966 (the artist)
Oak, 1966 (the artist)
Rosemary, 1966 (the artist)
Non-flowering crocus, 1969 (the artist)
Hawksweed, 1969 (the artist)
Scilla, 1975 (Mack and Kristina Reed)
?, 19?? (the artist)
Beetles, leaves on ivory, 1965 (the artist)
Palm, watercolor