What began with a painting of Custer on the moon soon developed into a reverie about the wives of presidents drifting gracefully in the void of space - and then a condemnation of chief executives to various, perhaps well-deserved fates at the bottom of the ocean.

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Custer on the moon

First Ladies in Space:
The tragic Ida McKinley, ca. 1994
Nancy Reagan, ca. 1994 (Joseph Reed)
Mrs. James Buchanan, ca. 1994
Mrs. Calvin Coolidge, ca. 1994 (Katy and Ko Maruyama)
Eleanor Roosevelt, ca. 1994 (estate of Charles Blitzer)
Betty Ford, ca. 1994 (Susan Jones)
Mrs. James Garfield, ca. 1994 (Kit Reed)
Mary Todd Lincoln, ca. 1994
Florence Harding, ca. 1994
Mrs. Herbert Hoover, ca. 1994
Julia Grant, ca. 1994
Hillary Rodham Clinton, ca. 1994 (Joseph Reed)

Chief Executives Underwater
Benjamin Harrison, ca. 1998
James Buchanan, ca. 1998
Jimmy Carter, ca. 1998
Grover Cleveland, ca. 1998
William Jefferson Clinton, ca. 1998
Calvin Coolidge, ca. 1998
Dwight D. Eisenhower, ca. 1998
Ulysses S. Grant and family, ca. 1998
Warren G. Harding, ca. 1998 (Brian Quinette)
Herbert Hoover at Lake Bakal, ca. 1998
Andrew Jackson, ca. 1998
John Adams and the tube worms, ca. 1998
Thomas Jefferson, ca. 1998
Andrew Johnson, ca. 1998 (Mack and Kristina Reed)
John Quincy Adams set up as a scarefish, ca. 1998
John F. Kennedy, ca. 1998 (Goulds)
Abraham Lincoln, ca. 1998
James Madison, ca. 1998 (Kate & Ko Maruyama)
William McKinley, ca. 1998
Richard Nixon & the sharks, ca. 1998
Franklin Pierce, ca. 1998 (Kate & Maruyama)
Ronald Reagan, ca. 1998 (the artist)
William Howard Taft, ca. 1998 (the artist)
Zachary Taylor, ca. 1998
Harry S. Truman, ca. 1998
George Washington, ca. 1998 (the artist)
William Henry Harrison, ca. 1998
Woodrow Wilson, ca. 1998 (estate of Charles Blitzer)
Mrs. Whistler
Mrs. Whistler in jail