The history of western ant proved ultimately to be a limitation - and an inspiration to further expansion. It led to a series of historic figures coated in insects, which his London gallery deemed "too creepy to show." This was, however, Reed's entree into portraits of various kinds.

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Louis XII, XIV and XV, infested by monarch butterflies, ca. 1974
Carmen Miranda infested by tarantulas, 1976 (Laurence Mark)
Louis XIV infested by monarch butterflies, ca. 1974
Karl Marx infested by red scarab beetles, ca. 1974
Napoleon Bonaparte infested by bees, ca. 1974
Edgar Allan Poe infested by gold bugs, ca. 1974
Infant infested by silkworms, ca. 1974
Duke of Wellington infested by tent caterpillars, ca. 1974
Jane and William Morris infested by cockroaches, ca. 1974 (Kit Reed)