This section contains Reed works that are either new experiments or older pieces that are not easily classifiable. NB: This online collection will be expanded shortly. Please see our note soliciting your contributions on the CONTACT page.


Automatic Ida Lupino, 1975 (Kate Reed Maruyama)
Dowager Empress of China, ca. 2000 (Halladays)
The Egyptologists (Group 3), 1990 (Kristina Reed)
Joseph Conrad at Euston Station, 1972 (Kit Reed)
Lewis Carroll at Hungerford Bridge, ca. 1972 (Kit Reed)
Paul Horgan, double portrait with Bootsie, ca. 1993 (Horgan House, Wesleyan University)
Charles Ives (alphabet sketch) (Kit Reed)
Téte-a-téte - John Donne and Jeanette MacDonald, ca. 1974 (Kit Reed)
Téte-a-téte - Theda Bara and Thomas Jefferson, 1973 (Elizabeth Moynihan)
Téte-a-téte - Veronica Lake and the Hon. William Ewart Gladstone, 1973 (Kate and Ko Maruyama)
Téte-a-téte - Nazimova and Lord North, 1973
Téte-a-téte - Gen. Winfield Scott and Paulette Goddard, 1973 (Kate and Ko Maruyama)
Téte-a-téte - Shirley Temple and Edward VI, 1973
Téte-a-téte - Kate Smith and Pres. Grover Cleveland, 1973
Téte-a-téte - Toussaint L'Ouverture and Ernestine Schumann-Heinck, 1973 (Kit Reed)
Téte-a-téte - Mamie Doud Eisenhower and Cardinal Richlieu, 1973 (Kit Reed)
Automatic Tiger, 1973 (Kit Reed)
Automatic Veronica Lake, 1973 (Kit Reed)
Portrait of Katy Reed, age 6, 1973 (Kit Reed)
Joe Jackson, 2000 (Kit Reed)