During the late 1980s, Reed began an artistic exploration of his childhood environment in memory paintings of St. Petersburg, Florida that would (and continues to) yield some of his richest work. It became the subject of several one-man shows, and proved to be a redolent subject that he returns to often.

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Cousins and sister Joyce,
Irl, Wayne, Joyce, Ken, Dick and Tom
Beeline Ferry. Joe, Joyce, Wayne
Central Avenue, St. Petersburg (Andy and Jessie Davis
Kit Craig, San Marco (Joseph Reed)
Frances Nippert, Gertrude Reed, Joyce Reed, Phyllis Nippert at 1114 2nd St. North, St. Petersburg (Joseph Reed)
Otto Freudenberger's house, 21st Avenue North
Shark fishers
Wayne Reed at the Evening Independent (Joseph Reed)
Joseph Wayne Reed Senior, and Junior, 1986 (Mack Reed)
Williams Park(?)(Joseph Reed)
The Town that Dreaded Sunset, 1977 (Joseph Reed)
Gator skin, 1987 (Mack Reed)
Florida House 1 (Joseph Reed)
Florida House 2 (Joseph Reed)
Florida House 3
Florida House 4 (Joseph Reed)
Florida House 5 (Joseph Reed)
Woman with dogs (Joseph Reed)
Mrs. Nippert, 1976 (Joseph Reed)
Spring at Pass-a-Grille shell (Joseph Reed)
Florida House 6 (Joseph Reed)
The Big Orange (Joseph Reed)
Joe at Recreation Pier (Joseph Reed)
Black-and-white house (Joseph Reed)
Pass-a-Grille Way (Joseph Reed)
Steinbach House (Joseph Reed)