Throughout his career, Reed has switched media often and with a great deal of fluidity. Moving comfortably from pen and ink and pencil-and-watercolor to acrylic on gesso and mixed media, he has maintained a flexibility of style and expression that have kept himself - and his patrons - on the balls of their feet.

He always carries a sketchbook and either a mechanical pencil, set of colored pencils or watercolor box on his trips in the U.S. and abroad. He also uses drawings to plot meticulously the layout, coloring and characteristics of his alphabets - some of which are as detailed and lush as their final versions.

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Book: "England Expects Ev'ry Man to Do His Duty Food-Wise", 1998 (Brian Quinnette)
Haunted Mesa, New Mexico, 1976 (Joseph Reed)
Painted Cave, California, 1991 (Joseph Reed)
Turban, 1990 (Joseph Reed)
Native Americans, after Curtis (Mack Reed)
Native Americans, after Curtis (detail)
8 days on the Gulf, 1983 (Joseph Reed)
Florida thing (Joseph Reed)
Gulf coast panorama, ca. 1985 (Richard and Arlene Norenberg)
Samurai professor, ca. 1988 (Mack Reed
Robert G. O'Mealley and Indian man, ca. 1993 (Joseph Reed)
Three swimsuits in Munich, 1993 (Joseph Reed)
Charles Ives (Kit Reed)
Orangutang, Washington Zoo, ca. 1993 (Joseph Reed)
Profile, Bonnie ca. 1993 (Joseph Reed)
Two dancers, Acoma, New Mexico, 1976 (Joseph Reed)
Ms. Valerie
Uintah Valley (Sam Hall)
Henry James, 1985 (William Stowe)
Tugluqabad tomb, 1974 (Joseph Reed)
Gulf of Mexico (series), 1982 (Mack Reed)

Alphabet sketches
"Lilac" 1972 (Kit Reed)
Floral for Rosenbaum (Robert Rosenbaum)
"How to Paint like a Dutchman" alphabet (Kit Reed)
"Things Not to Do with the Flag" (Kit Reed)
Floral for Harold Hugo 1983 (Kit Reed)
Middletown Press
Floral for Charles Perlitz
1930s for Michael (Kit Reed)
WWII for William Manchester 1980 (Kit Reed
Floral (Kit Reed)
Floral (Kit Reed)
Wittgenstein (coll. Arthur and Leslie Kopit) 1977 (Kit Reed)
Tinker Medal, Yale Library Associates 2001 (Joseph Reed)
Freeman Medal, Wesleyan University 1999 (Joseph Reed)
Daniel Patrick Moynihan medal, Citizens Committee of New York, 1999 (Joseph Reed)
Vincent Scully Prize medal, National Building Museum 1999 (Joseph Reed)
Tinker medal, Yale Library Associates, 2001 (Joseph Reed)
Tinker medal (reverse), Yale Library Associates 2001 (Joseph Reed)
Gertrude Stein II 1995 (Kit Reed)
Amelia's alphabet 1990 (Kit Reed
Colorado etched floral 1976 (Kit Reed)
Curtis alphabet, 1987
Hartford, 1981
California flowers, 1981
Floral for Travis and Maureen Merritt, 1972
Wesleyan University, ca. 1975 (for etching)
India (children's alphabet) for the Bissells, 1992
Floral for Helen Zawisa, 1987
Colorado wildflowers for the Rosenbaums, 1976
Metropolitan Opera II for Cheryl Sucher, 1982
Great Smoky Mountains wildflowers, for the Harrises, 1989
Great British Alphabet 1976 (Kit Reed)
Herbs project, 1999
For Jean Shaw, 1988
Floral, for Geraldine Murphy, 1978
Gordon Gould - Roles of an actor, 1981
Hale Foundation Alphabet (Yale), 1997
Floral, for Daniel Patrick and Liz Moynihan, 1975
Russian authors, for Duffield White, 1977
Albert Einstein, ca. 1992
Sigmund Freud, for John and Arlene Crigler, 1993-1995
Floral, in memory of Yvonne Durkan, 1987
Food Named for People, 1989
Fish, 1977
Floral, for the Fleeces, 1999
Trinity Palms, 1995
Mushrooms, for Christopher and Marcia Pottle, 1984
American flag, for Mack Reed, 1979
Metropolitan Opera I, for the Klebanoffs, 1980
Philosophers, for Louis Mink, 1980
Birds of Florida, for Dr. Richard and Arlene Norenberg, 1990
Fish, 1977 (Kit Reed)
Mary Shelley, for Brian Aldiss, 1996
Native Americans II, 1994
Native Americans I for USIS, 1984